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We save dogs other shelters put to sleep

Furrst and Furrmost Sanctuary is unique in this aspect.  We find dogs that are handicapped, critically ill, unadoptable or abandoned and provide them a life-long home.  Our Yucca Valley, CA location offers:

  • A 2 acre playground

  • A big porch with lots of beds

  • Tile floor for easy wheeling

  • Ramps for easy access

Please Donate

Although we use some of the proceeds from our boarding facility to pay for our rescue work, we rely on donations to help pay for wheelchairs and other needs for our handicapped dogs and expensive medicines for our chronically ill dogs. We are a 501C3 non-profit that also depends on people’s donations to operate.

Reliable respite care providers

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Friendly and at-home atmosphere

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About the Dogs

Ernie is a 12 year old Doxi who was "evidence" in an abuse case, along with his litter mate, Pumpkin. Earnie is completely paralyzed in his back end, he has no control over his bodily functions. Ernie and and Pumpkin were kept in the back of the shelter where nobody could see them. When the court case was over these two sweeties were going to get put to sleep. I found out about them from another rescue who was also trying to help them. Our efforts allowed us to bring them here. Ernie now sports around in his new set of wheels and is a very happy go lucky boy. Ernie requires, diapers, diaper rash medication and a lot of potty pads to put in his "drag bag" when he romps around out of his wheels.

Molly is a 15 year old Chuhauhau who suffers from seizures and has some neurological issues from it that causes her some mobility issues. Molly was in a shelter and was going to put to sleep, a friend of mine had managed to get her to safety, he even had a home lined up. Sadly when the woman met Molly and saw she had medical issues she backed out. He called me in desperation and of course I took her in. Molly's seizures are now fully under control. She will remain here in the care of the Sanctuary for the remainder of her life.





Honey Bee Honey bee was rescued out of a shelter in LA. Her owners had kicked her and broke her back. The shelter deemed her to be unadoptable and was going to euthanize her. We heard on Facebook that the LA Shelter was desperately seeking placement for her, aso we rescued her.

Taxi was born with severely deformed back legs. When she was 10 months old her owners decided they no longer wanted to care for her. So they dumped her at a local shelter. Taxi was kept in a "back room" where the general public could not see her because she was considered unadoptable. I looked at her papers and realized she was due to be put to sleep and I just could not let that happen. So I rescued her. After getting her a nice set of wheel this girl blossomed into a happy little girl with an attitude of gold. Taxi has captured many hearts including mine so she will remain here with me.


Maya was kicked during a domestic violence incident. Because of the kick, she became paralyzed. When the owners found out she was paralyzed, they did not want to keep her and she was placed into a shelter. Stacey found out about her and rescued her. She now has a set of wheels and get around just great.




Patch is a very sweet little guy. He was born with a deformity and can't use his back legs. His momma dog rejected him so he was bottle-fed. Several weeks later, when his current shelter realized he was deformed, they contacted us and we took him. At this time he is being kept in a playpen while he figures out the way to get around. He now has his wheels and gets around just fine. When he is a bit bigger of course he will need new wheels.

Earnie Molly and Old man Taxiheader Patch Honey Bee Maya